coupons-model-2-final-InternetProblems with auto air conditioning

The high temperatures experienced these days of extreme heat demand a perfectly  working  air conditioning, just as a good heater is needed in the winter.

We are not talking about a “luxury”, but an element that will make driving safer and more comfortable.

The air conditioning in our car, the same as the other mechanical parts, requires maintenance for good performance and long life.  It is considered normal  to lose 10% of the coolant annually by means of natural evaporation, therefore one should inspect and recharge the system every two years.  Refrigerant change also involves inspection of components that prevent acidification and oxidation, which can affect the compressor and other system elements.

First of all may be that the coolant is below level. It is not a fault in itself, because with a simple recharge can still function perfectly.

Another cause may be that the condenser is dirty. This system device is usually placed directly in front of the radiator, thus, it is not uncommon to be full of leaves, insects and other debris that it collects from travelling down the road.  If this is the case, cleaning with compressed air could solve the problem.

Performing improper installation, maintenance and replacement – adding the incorrect amount of refrigerant or oil than is ideal, or allowing moisture to enter the system — these are responsible for many problems. Please see the table below to understand what the absence, lack or excess of refrigerant, moisture and oil can do:

Invisible ProblemVisible problemWhat to do
Absence of fluid A / C does not workCheck Empty
A / C is intermittentCharge the system
A / C does not cool
Low on FluidLow pressure in the systemCheck if Empty
Overheating of the compressorCharge the system
A / C cools slightly
Expansion valve with irregular operation
Excess fluidHigh pressure in the systemRemove excess
Overheating of the compressorTotal Recharge
HumidityA / C cools slightlyChange fluid
Rupture of the compressorUse a vacuum pump to remove the fluid
Too much oilHigh pressure in the system
A / C cools slightly