Over Heating Engine and Leaks of Coolant Fluid

Normally, an engine operates efficiently at a certain temperature. That temperature is significantly cooler than it would be without a cooling system. Overheating is when the temperature of the engine climbs to a point where mechanical damage can occur.

Usually, a sustained temperature of over 240 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to cause concern. An occasional Overheating engine is not critical if it is corrected in time but continued overheating can cause disastrous consequences for the engine

exhaust-brakes-mufflerdenverWhy a car overheats? The possible causes are always:

A thermostat is not working (common fault)

A radiator is clogged or plugged do not dissipate enough heat flow coolant (antifreeze)

An electric fan is not working or sensor that activates this miss-wired or the bulb temperature which actuates do not work

Lack of liquid or antifreeze liquid lost (radiator, water pump, hoses and break the band that drives the water pump)

The range of possible causes of the heating of a motor is very extensive.

We offer a variety of solutions for these overheating problems, so just call us and we will give you the best attention and service for the cooling of your car.