Brake Pads and Shoes


Brake Pads and Shoes

The biggest tragedies and worst accidents at times may come from the smallest details if you are not aware of them, like the brake pads. It is mandatory to check any malfunction they get to have once detected, or we and our beloved ones might possibly pay the consequences.

It is not difficult to notice when something is not working with our brake pads, sometimes it only takes to pay a little attention when we are driving. There are certain signs that can warn us and give us the indication that a visit to a good auto shop like Bronco’s Muffler Auto is necessary.

For example, when they start to squeak or the metal in the rotors or drums grinds; also when the pedal does not goes up to its place once you retired your foot over it but stays down and feels less firm, when your car tends to go to one side at the moment you apply the brakes and so on.

Brake Pads and Shoes – Common Signs that you need Brake Service

• Brakes squeaking or metal grinding of the rotors or drums.

• Brake pedal remains down or is spongy.

• When you brake you get vibrations in the brake pedal or in the steering wheel

• When you brake, the car pulls to one side.